Monday, July 31, 2006

Mt Huron

I haven't climbed since we did the Bell's a few weeks ago. It was time to end the drought. As we had camping plans near Fairplay the timing would work out well. I asked Pete if he could go but he was supposed to be in a wedding and couldn't go. As I was going solo, I chose an easy mountain. Mt Huron. The post will be short and easy.

Huron has to be one of the easiest mountains in Colorado. It is about 3 miles one way but does gain over 3200 feet from trailhead to summit. About the hardest part is driving to the trailhead. A 4 wheel drive is a must.

I started up the trail just after 6:30. The trail leads you through many switchbacks to gain altitude. At about 11,900, I got this view of the 3 apostles:

The trail levels out from there until you arrive in the basin below Huron's Northwest face. The switchbacks begin again all the way up through the basin and across the Northwest face. Before I knew it, I was on the summit. I was number 11 to summit that day. I took a summit photo (with part of my lunch for Molly's enjoyment):

I also took a photo of Belford, Oxford, and Missouri from the summit of Huron:

After 20 minutes on the summit, it was time to go "home." On the way down I passed at least 75 people. I passed two pregnant women which really impressed me. Regardless, if you are looking for solitude, this is not the mountain for you. 90 minutes later, I was in the truck and headed home. Nothing too exciting to report on this trip but then again, Huron doesn't promise much excitement.

The stats:

4 Hours Roundtrip (2.5 up, 1.5 down)
6.6 Miles Roundtrip
3225 Total Elevation Gain
23 feet per minute average ascent rate
36 feet per minute average decent rate


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